Before the below program was created, I had created a complete Nutrition 101 online course based off my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification, to help first responders solve their problems when it came to healthy eating.

It was a course that took two months, that explained the process of how food works in our bodies.

And I had many first responders who had success with the program, but it was missing a few pieces. Most of which, had to do with mindset.

Fast forward to a new program that was released called 2B Mindset, that you’ll learn about here today.

Not only does it solve all of the problems I did inside of my Nutrition 101 course, but it takes it a few steps further, IN LESS TIME.

Here’s the thing, we ALL have problems with food.  Most of the time, it’s our relationship, or the way that we think about food, that’s the problem.

With this program, I’m never hungry, I NEVER have to say no to a certain food, and I have a solid road map to follow.

You may know that I also have a complete fitness + nutrition program that I have built around first responders, and if you’re a part of that team, this program works amazingly well in conjunction with that.

But if you’re not ready for exercise, or you’ve already got a great exercise routine going, then think about focusing on 2B mindset FIRST.

Now, if after checking this out, you’d like to join our First Responder team who is currently doing the program, so we can help you tailor this to our crazy careers… shoot me an email at [email protected] so I can explain how to become a part of our online team, which is free as long as you order your program through our team link.

Ready to change your mindset? Keep reading…


P.S. Below is a quick video I did for my team, and I’d like to share that with you too.  I know that most people looking into this program have to lose weight, but I don’t, and I wanted to explain my thoughts about that below.  This is a great weight loss program, but it’s also for those not wanting to lose weight.  I explain that in the video below.





What is 2B Mindset?

2B MINDSET is a revolutionary video-based program that focuses on wholesome nutrition for weight-loss. Instead of diets that focus on what you can’t eat, this simple and easy approach will have you concentrating on what you can eat so you feel full and satisfied without ever counting calories or measuring food, which makes losing weight simple, enjoyable, and sustainable.

“You can lose weight happily, without feeling deprived or hungry, without exercising, or cutting out whole food groups.”


2B Mindset co-creator Ilana Muhlstein MS, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) lost 100 pounds herself — and kept it off — using the 2B Mindset principles. She’s also helped thousands of others lose weight through her private practice in Beverly Hills and a clinic in UCLA.

What makes the 2B mindset so unique and effective?

It’s not a diet, it’s a mindset. Most diets have an end date but because you’ll be shifting the way you think about food, you can use the 2B Mindset principles for the rest of your life.

The system is a healthy approach to eating that lets you feel full and satisfied while arming you with proven strategies that will help you co-exist with food in real-world situations, satisfy cravings, and anticipate setbacks before they happen — so you can win the weight-loss struggle every single time.

Most diets require deprivation. The 2B Mindset shows you how to get to and maintain your ideal weight while eating foods you actually enjoy!

The 2B Mindset is also extremely easy to follow:

  • No counting calories, no measuring food, and no using containers.
  • No cutting out food groups.
  • No deprivation or feeling hungry.
  • Ability to follow the program even when you’re at a restaurant, party or vacation!

2B Mindset Success Stories.


Lakmini B. lost 73 pounds

“Not only am I 73 pounds lighter, but I feel like I can take on the world. I’ve never felt so vital or content. Because Ilana understands we are all different, I learned so much about myself on this program — not just which foods aid in weight loss — but about trusting myself, learning not to emotionally eat, recognizing signs of true hunger, and learning what it is to be satisfied. With the 2B Mindset, you’ll actually enjoy weight loss.”

Nathaniel G. lost 35 pounds

“I’ve never lost 35 pounds before. This is the first time. I don’t feel hungry. I don’t feel starved. The things I craved before, I no longer do… I eat more in volume and variety than I did before. I don’t consider the 2B Mindset a diet; I consider it a lifestyle change — and it’s made the hugest change in my life. I feel fantastic and I want to maintain the way I feel. With the 2B Mindset, I have all the tools in my possession.”

Lillian P. lost 30 pounds

“When you’re in the 2B Mindset, you know how to create and maintain balance in your life, happily, and you can do it every single day. The people around you see the positivity that comes from changing your mindset around food, and they want to do it too. It becomes second nature to lose weight. Once you’re in on the secret, there’s no going back.”

Imani B. lost 22.5 pounds

“After that first week, losing seven pounds, I knew I’d found the perfect program for me. Because I’m able to eat the same foods as everyone else, go back for seconds, and still lose weight. My weight loss is a lifestyle. It’s an awareness rather than a goal. It’s not a temporary fix. A ‘diet’ is temporary. A ‘diet’ means you get to your goal and you stop — which is the exact opposite of how weight loss works. A mindset lasts forever. I can do the 2B Mindset for life.”

Matt H. lost 40 pounds

“One of the first things I noticed doing the 2B Mindset was how full I was. It’s completely different from other diets where you’re walking away depleted and without energy. It takes just a tweak in your mind; it’s so easy after that. I’m eating the stuff that I want to eat, and still losing weight without spending hours in the gym and without starving myself.”


If after reading this, you’d like more information about the program, shoot me an email at [email protected] so I can explain how to become a part of our online team, which is free as long as you order your program through our team link.

Thanks for reading, and above all, stay safe out there.