What’s up my people, Marc and Teresa here.

I (Marc) am a Police Officer from Southern California, while Teresa is my amazing wife who holds it down while I work this crazy and unpredictable career of a First Responder.

We have two awesome children who tell us what to do daily.

We also serve LEOs and their families who struggle to get and stay healthy, who don’t have the energy or the time to spend it where they want to, which is why you probably came up on this page.

Our mission? Simple.

We help LEOs break through mental, physical, and emotional barriers so they can generate the energy to own their health, connect with their family on a deep and impactful level, and change the trajectory of their career forever.

We know how it feels to not have control over any of those things because we were there too, and it wasn’t too long ago.

We were out of shape, had zero energy, unmotivated, not confident, full of excuses, quick to anger, negative and frustrated individuals, and I haven’t even started talking about me yet.

JK. She’s going to kill me for that.

After we started implementing what we now share with our teams I ended up losing 100 pounds while working as a police officer, while Teresa lost 30 after having our second child and working her crazy corporate job.

We have used those successes and failures to create a system that will change your life, as much as it has ours, if you plug in and meet us half way.

We aren’t talking just numbers on the scale, this goes much deeper than that.

It’s allowed us to connect better as a couple, helped us become better parents, and created an opportunity for me to leave my police career in the not so near future so I can help make the kind of impact in our career that I truly want to.

If you’d like to know more about us… our kids (Andrew – 12 & Alyssa – 10) are arch rivals and always keep us on our toes.  One of them is probably hitting the other as I type this up, I think I can hear it.

I’m currently a Sergeant working in Los Angeles, and have been with the Department for 18 years.

I used to be a heavy online gamer, which is probably why I had let myself get to 267 pounds. I would stay up sometimes 24 hours to be able get to the “Next level”.

I’m really an introvert, despite the fact that I have videos plastered all over my social media.  I love giving like that, but it drains my energy like crazy.

I prefer spending time at home with my family, rather than going out to do anything.

I used to run from opportunities, fear and growth, but thankfully have figured out ways to PUSH myself to start running towards them.

And I like to call myself out whenever I screw things up because I want people to know that perfect is not real life.

Even when that means I tell my kids that Dad messed up.

Sometimes you’re going to get dirty if you’re planning on making a big impact, and failure is a part of that.

OK, I think that’s enough for today.

If you’ve read this far and want to jump in and get something started check out the link below for a free training on how we put it all together.

Check out the below link if you’re looking for a way to GENERATE energy and consistent motivation so you can thrive in your career, get into incredible shape, and make a real impact with your family, check out how our LEO mastermind Squad APP works HERE and see the influence your environment can play on your results.

If you’re not quite ready to jump in, come follow us for motivation, inspiration, and a daily PUSH on social media.


Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

Marc & Teresa



P.S. Almost forgot. Another free resource we have is our podcast. It’s called the LEO Family Fitness Podcast.  Download and plug in, and above all stay safe and healthy out there.

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