What exactly does a good nutrition plan look like?

Glad you asked, because so many people are after that quick fix, instant results, take a pill and everything will be better.

And because you clicked on this post, that means you’re looking for some solid advice, and I want to do what I can to help.

(That’s going to save you a TON of money AND time, so awesome decision)

One thing’s for sure, the quick fix unhealthy detox madness type plans are NOT what good nutrition looks like… And it’s especially not what a good plan looks like.

In this article, as well as the cheat sheet I’ve created for you, we will talk specifically about what a good plan looks like, and what you should master before moving on to a more individualized plan…

Because it’s important to build your foundation before you start putting in the loft.

I’m sorry.

That means no paleo, low carb, ketogenic diets from day 1.

That very rarely works when you don’t have a solid foundation built first.

But I don’t want to get too much into the basics in this post, that’s the purpose of the cheat sheet below (and a program that I will talk about later that was recently released) … Download the cheat sheet so I can help get you started, but let’s first cover what good nutrition looks like now.



Good nutrition (and a good plan) need to focus on ALL three VITAL components I’ve listed below  in order to qualify.

If your plan doesn’t qualify, then simply it’s not a good plan.

Keep looking.

There’s one out there…. I promise.

And trust me when I say that I tried many plans that didn’t fit the bill, but the sooner I stopped trying to follow “the rules” of those plans, the sooner I started to see results.

Let’s start on these three important pieces.


1. Good nutrition improves your body composition.

This is an important part of the equation.  Generally we all want to look good naked, so if a program doesn’t make us gain muscle, lose fat, or somewhere in between, we aren’t going to subscribe to it.  But there are plenty of ways to do this, including some evasive techniques… And that’s why we must not use this as the sole indicator and must move on to the next thing that a good nutrition must focus on.

2. Good nutrition improves your health.

Whether you’re currently in the health danger zone, or you’ve got a clean bill of health, good nutrition means that it’s improving your health.  I know, I know, this throws a ton of dangerously low calorie plans out the window.  Including the 3 shakes and 1 salad a day plan, or the cabbage soup diet.  We still aren’t done, let’s add one more layer.

3. Good nutrition improves your performance.

Yup, it needs to make us better at performing.  Whether that’s lifting weights, cycling, cardio, whatever you want to improve.  It HAS to improve your performance, and this is the one that most people are missing.  This throws out even a few more nutrition plans that people have been talking about recently, including carbohydrate loading to say the least.


I didn’t want to overwhelm you with the concepts we talked about in this blog post, and I hope I haven’t done that.  What I did want you to see, is whether the current plan you’re following fits this bill.

Does it improve your body composition, health, and performance?

If it does, then you’re perfectly good to go. Keep working your plan, it’s solid.

If it doesn’t, that’s where the cheat sheet comes in to play.

Download the cheat sheet below… And if you’re wondering where to find a solid plan, check out this awesome program that was just released, which I can help personalize for our crazy career.

Above all, stay safe out there team, and never hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions.



Huge shout out to my friends over at Law Enforcement Today for posting this article on their site.   If you have yet to check out their blog or podcast, it’s one of my personal top sites and shows to listen to!