How many of you have found yourself saying that it’s just too expensive to eat healthy?

I get this all the time from friends and family, probably because it’s exactly what I was saying too.

The answer I used to be given when I brought it up with my friends was,  “you pay now, or you pay later.”

Being a type “A” personality that worked for me, but that doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s the reason why I’ve created this post, and the podcast that I recorded recently too.  Oh and it’s at the end of this blog post if you’d rather listen, then read.

So let’s skip over the brute force, and let me give you some tips today to help you get started.

Before we get too deep, let’s talk about organic versus non-organic.  If you can afford it, go for organic for most fruits and veggies, particularly those that you eat the outer skin.

Fruits/veggies that you don’t eat the skin of, it’s not entirely necessary. That could be things like avocados, bananas, oranges etc.

The reason most people go Organic, is to avoid the pesticides used during it’s growth.

But if money is a real issue, and whether or not it is organic, make sure to wash your fruits/veggies before you eat them.

I use Eat-Cleaner.  You’ll realize who less often you actually get sick when you clean it with more than water.  I have tried using vinegar to clean it, but it gives my food a weird taste, so I just go with the eat cleaner.

Why do I bring this up? Because organic you’ll be paying more money for. That might not be where you’re at right now, work towards organic later.

So let’s get in to the expense part.

Most people think eating is expensive because:

They are shopping at the big chain health food stores

Or they are buying pre-made healthy foods.

The big chain health stores are going to have a bigger variety, and I usually shop there, but if cheap is what you’re really striving for, you can go to any grocery store and find many of the same things you’d find at a “Whole foods” type store.

Alternatives for me are Sprouts, Albertsons, and I buy in bulk from Costco (This really saves some cash).

The pre-made things are what we need to get away from.

They are much more expensive, and not worth the time they will save you.   They may be healthier but we have NO idea what they have used to cook them, and they have to contain sodium since they need to stay preserved after they cook them and package them up for us.

Go with the fruits and veggies, and save some money by cleaning, chopping, and cooking them yourself.  You’ll get better at it over time.

Sometimes you don’t have the time, and I get that, but you’re going to be paying more money and it’s going to be LESS fresh, if you don’t do it for yourself.

Flash frozen fruits and veggies are good as well, do your homework to see what is more expensive.  It really depends on what is in season, but organic frozen is a great option.

Now I want to give you a few ideas of meals that I make for me and my entire family, under $10 for all of us, so you can see this is possible.

Just know that the lower your budget, the less “Fancy” you’re going to be able to get, but this is about healthier eating, and you can really do it for cheaper than you think.



Overnight oats (Gluten Free), soaked in almond milk overnight in the fridge, with fresh berries / raisins and a little maple syrup.

$15 for the whole week


Scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes and spinach with sweet potato fries – Recently did this for my Facebook page

$9 for the whole family


French toast – Gluten free bread, egg whites, cinnamon, stevia and maple syrup.

$10 for the whole family



Mixed salad, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken or hard boiled eggs, salad dressing.

$6 a meal


Almond Butter sandwich, veggies and hummus –

$6 a meal



Beans & rice, corn, avocado, tortillas.

$12 for my family


Mixed vegetables with some kind of oil (Toasted Sesame, coconut) and some kind of protein.

$10 for my wife and I (Kids won’t eat just veggies, baby steps!)



Frozen bananas, almond milk, chocolate chips in the blender.

$5 for my family



Shakeology – $4 a meal
Nut and fruit mix – $4 a meal
Celery/Apple and PB or AB $ – $4 a meal


It’s possible, it just takes some getting used to, and buy things in bulk, and re-creating things on your own. You WILL get better at it over time.

Don’t let MONEY get in the way of your health.

But really…

Don’t let your excuses, get in the way of your health.

Stay safe out there!