Zero time? Discover how you can make the time to get your workout in.

I know how crazy our lives can be. Truth is it’s incredible how much better we feel and how many more things we can get done when we make the time to do that 30-60 minute workout. How do I do it? Check out the video for the details.

Remember, a 30 minute workout is only 2% of our day. By just using that 2%, you will feel more energized and focused, you will get done much more than if you had skipped it.  When I heard this, it really didn’t make sense until I implemented what I explained in the video. Now, I will never be going back to that life! My kids deserve me to be around for a long time, and I won’t let anything get in the way of that.

Just remember, no matter how much time we have, it never seems to be enough. Use this post as a tool to make the time to get your workout in, and that time will seem to expand over night.

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