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Here’s a quick review of the video.

#1 – You’re not exercising. Try it early in the morning to really feel the effects of an amazing day. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Insanity Max-30 or going on a walk, just as long as it pushes your limits of your comfort zone, it will get your energy level up.

#2 – You’re not getting enough sleep. Think about writing out your daily schedule, and start by inserting sleep in as your most important priority. You’ll be amazed how everything changes after you make it so.

#3 – You’re nutrient deficient.  This means your body isn’t getting the key vitamins, minerals etc that whole foods would give you. It could also be there isn’t enough variety in your diet, as every whole foods contain a different array of nutrients. Try something different in your diet, and supplement where you have to. I use Shakeology to avoid these potential pit falls. Nutrient deficiency leads to a whole TON of things.

#4 – You’re not drinking water. It’s critical to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. You may think that thirst is a good indicator, but it’s not. At that point, you’ve already become dehydrated and anything above a 2% loss of water will prevent you from looking, feeling and performing your best.  Try and drink 1/2 your body weight in water, more if you are in to strenuous exercise. Keep your water close and in view, so you remember to drink more of it.

#5 – You’re not getting enough recovery time. This is slightly different than sleep. What I’m talking about, is over training. Just like we have problems when we don’t exercise, we have problems when we exercise too much. Avoid injuring yourself and hitting plateaus much more quickly, by finding a solid fitness plan that will allow for adequate rest before hitting that same body part again.


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