I couldn’t help but try and prepare you as best as I can, to defeat the crappy food syndrome at work. This is just the beginning of what we will work together on, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I hope this has been helpful.

(P.S. I’ve included an additional podcast at the bottom of this page, where I talk about meal prep FAQs. Check it out!)

Before we go though, I want to share a podcast with you that will help you avoid making bad decisions while at work.  Because that’s what I had trouble with for so long.  It’s called, how to make convenience, inconvenient.  Check it out below.

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8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Basics

  1. Ed Johnston

    St Lucie County Sheriffs Department. Florida. Deputy Sheriff

  2. Marc Hildebrand

    Welcome to the team brother!

  3. Marc Brown

    Great podcast,some good insight

  4. Domenick

    Great info.
    Speaking about lunches. We have a FitFreshMeals here in Odessa. These are portion for lunches and dinners. Pretty good place.

  5. I hope they bring those to the west coast soon, I’ve heard a lot of good things. How’s the prices?

  6. Kortney

    Canyon County Sheriff disaptcher. 10 year veteran to dispatching.

  7. Hey Kortney, close to home! Stay safe out there.

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