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You’ll find the links to the supplements I use below. Now, these aren’t cheap. The reason why I choose to use these, is because they are QUALITY supplements, based on whole food natural items.  I’ve tried others that were cheaper, and you get what you pay for, including high blood pressure. They are the best on the market ,I wouldn’t use OR recommend them to anyone if I didn’t research the heck out of them, and then use them myself.  Want some advice on which ones to use?  Send me a personal email HERE and let me know what you’re looking for, and I will help match you up with the best stack.


Shakeology – Overall Health

Protein Bar – BeachBars

 Pre Workout – In Need Of Energy

Intra Workout – In Need Of Endurance

 Post Workout – Recovery and Soreness

Creatine – Endurance, Strength and Muscle

 Night Time Recovery – Wake Up Feeling Recovered



Questions? If you haven’t heard my Supplement FAQ podcast, definitely something to listen to so you can get some help in deciding what you specifically need (or don’t need).  Check it out below, and shoot me an email if you need some help deciding.


Marc – [email protected]

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