I hope you got out of that video, that it doesn’t take much to start. But if you want to see what types of products I use at home now, check out my resource page.  A few of the things I have listed below, are on my resource page.

(P.S. If you’d like some additional help preparing for your home workout, listen to the podcast at the bottom of this page.)

Here’s a few points that I also wanted to bring up, besides the information in the video.

It really depends on your workout, but find some space. A 6’ X 6’ is a great starting point, I started much smaller but had to modify many of the moves.

Put down some mats, you’re going to be sweating. Get some cheap interlocking garage or gym mats (Walmart) or go the more expensive route at www.rubberflooringinc.com.

DVD player for programs, or web enabled TV, iPad, or laptop for streaming.

Weights and pull up bar for P90X and Body Beast, but you can use resistance bands at first to start.

Start off slow and work your way up by adding more weights, heavier resistance bands etc. You may also need a chair or pull up assist for pull ups, and push up stands for push ups if you have any wrist issues.

Don’t go out and spend a fortune on equipment. Build up your gym as you go!

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