If you found your way to this page, you must be serious.  Today, I’d like to talk to you about a program my wife and I recently completed, called the 80 Day Obsession.

Before we explain how this works, we want to tell people both who this is for, and who this is NOT for.

This is NOT for beginners, not for people who aren’t willing to go ALL IN, and it’s not for people who will let excuses get the best of them.

We are going to get you some serious results, so I need to make sure we are working with those who only want true results, but are willing to put in the work.

This IS for anyone who considers themselves intermediate to advanced in their fitness level. 

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength or up your endurance, it will be accomplished through some personalization from me which is why this is different than anything you’ve tried before.

This is for people wiling to try new things, that will feel a little uncomfortable at first.  I was there too, but I was willing to try.  If you are too, keep reading.

Your nutrition, especially when you focus on nutrient timing, is going to be the most impactful part of this program…. but you can pretty much be at any level nutrition wise and still get amazing results. 


What were Marc’s personal results?

Down 12 pounds (He wasn’t trying to lose weight actually)

Body fat down 3%

Lost 2 inches in his waist

Lost 2 inches in his stomach

Gained 1 inch in each arm

Gained 1 inch in each leg

Gained 1 inch in my chest


How does the program work?

This is a home-based or gym-based workout, that you’ll be live streaming over your phone, computer, laptop or television. 

The workouts last between 45-60 minutes in length.

It is a total body workout, with some pretty intense focus on your legs/glutes, core and getting shredded.

This is for both men and women.

(This statement is MORE for men because I was extremely hesitant to do this at first seeing the focus of the workout was built around “Booty”, but I gave in and am so glad I did.  You will be too.)

When you purchase your program, the following will be included:

80 intense workouts (You won’t be doing the same ones over and over again, every workout is new) that will be live streamed over the internet

Advanced nutrient timing nutrition guide (Plus an online cooking/prepping show to help)

Sliders (Really up your core game)

Strength Loops (Get your body stronger in ways you didn’t think were possible)

Access to our fitness app for daily motivation and check-ins (Lifetime access)

1 month of a nutrition shake (Best one I’ve found out there)

1 month of timed nutrition pre and post workout supplements (CRITICAL to success)


If after the first month you’d like to continue to get the supplements, you would continue to purchase them.

There is also another option to get all of the supplements you need for the 3-month program which is what I did.  We will discuss that before you make a final decision.

The prices range from $240-$440 for the entire 3 months, as they are currently on sale at the time I created this page.

This is NOT a monthly fee, that is a one time thing for the workouts, supplements, and gear needed to complete the workout.

One little warning, do NOT buy this stuff on your own.

Wait to receive the email from me with the corresponding links to make sure you’re getting the right stuff, at the cheapest price possible, and so that you can join our online fitness app which is the most important part of the program.


Equipment that you either need to have at home or at your gym/station that is NOT included in the package is:

Dumbbells, between 10-40 for men, 5-30 for women

Some type of mat or soft floor


To see some behind-the-scene footage of how this program works, check out the video below:



If you’re SERIOUS about getting yourself to the level that you want and you’re going to put forth the effort to plug in to this done for you system, send one of us an email at the addresses below. (Marc if your a First Responder, or Teresa if you’re a LEO wife)

Great connecting with you.  Talking from our own experiences, this is going to be the best decision around your health that you’ve ever made.

Get excited.

Marc & Teresa

First Responder Fitness

P.S. Have any questions?  Ready to sign up? Shoot Marc or Teresa and email.  We can’t possibly go over all the details of how this works, or we wouldn’t need the program in the first place.  This is MORE than enough information to help you make a decision, but if something has come up and we haven’t addressed it, shoot one of us an email.

Marc & Teresa after the 80 Day Obsession Test Group