Make Health Your Priority and Weight Loss Will Come

Many of you may have heard me talk about the amazing results my family and I continue to experience as a result of using Shakeology.  From helping get off medication, to losing weight, to helping curb cravings and to feel more energetic to name just a few. I want to bring something up though to help you better understand how it works, this is NOT just a weight loss shake.

I know many people thing of it that way, but I want to help change that mindset. Ask yourself this question…. Are you more interested in Shakeology for the weight loss or the health benefits? Have you ever thought about being on the front side of disease prevention? Yeah I know, disease is scary stuff right?

If weight loss IS your goal, Shakeology promotes the natural way to lose weight. If it’s not, it is still JUST as important.

Shakeology is MUCH different from all the other protein shakes and substandard weight loss supplements on the market. I’ve tried a bunch and am scared to say that looking back and reading those labels, nearly all contain artificial flavors, artificial ingredients and stimulants. This is scary, because these added hormones and chemicals are like Viagra to cancer cells.

What if you don’t want to lose weight? That’s great, not everyone needs to lose weight, but everyone wants to be healthier.

Why do I feel so strongly about Shakeology? Well, I would consider myself a very healthy eater but I still don’t get all the nutrients my body needs. Despite my eating habits, it’s the healthiest most nutritious meal I put in my body every day, and I’ve never felt better since I started drinking it. That’s the truth. And just taking 2 minutes to make doesn’t hurt either, especially if you’re a First Responder.

We need to start thinking about our health, rather than having a goal of just losing weight. I’ve found that if we retrain ourselves to take care of our health first, the weight loss will come.

Let’s talk a little about nutrition and some of the indicators that you need some supplementation. Are you tired half way through the day and need a coffee or energy drink? Do you have cravings? Maybe you feel like you’re in a fog. Would you consider your digestion regular?

These are symptoms of poor nutrition. It means more than likely you are vitamin and nutrient deficient but don’t worry, almost all of us are. Some of the studies I’ve seen show 99% of us are.

When your body doesn’t get adequate amounts of nutrients, it reacts by making you feel hungry more often, gives you those “Sweet” cravings more often, you have trouble concentrating and your body gets tired.

Let’s look into why. The average diet nowadays is based on a 2000 calorie meal plan a day. You may need more or less depending on your specific circumstances.  Most people don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients because the foods we eat lack nutrients and are overly processed. Then we attempt to lose weight, so we drop our calories way back. We can not cut calories without subsequently cutting back the volume of nutrients that we are taking in. So when people are dieting, they feel physically drained, irritable, hungry and lose motivation. So they quit, gain all the weight back (often times more) and continue with this vicious cycle.

What you need is something that provides you nearly all your daily vitamin needs, in a low calorie form. That way, you’re giving your body what it needs to repair, perform and feel better. When you do this, you feel better, have more energy, and are a lot more likely to stick with it. When you feel drained, irritable and hungry all the time, its much easier to want to give up. Haven’t we all felt that way when we cut calories?

Fuel your body, don’t deprive it!

Why choose Shakeology? For 160 calories, you get nearly all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for that entire day. Plus 70 super-foods that can help regulate your body in many ways.

If nutrition is 80% of your weight loss factor, why would you not bother with the 1 tool that makes the entire process so much easier.

How will I feel if I use Shakeology? You will feel a shift in your energy. It’s not like drinking 5 cups of coffee, but more like a rested energy. Similar to when you woke up from a great night sleep and you just feel good. Unfortunately most everyone is overworked and don’t feel that way anymore.

Change the way you look at your health, its not just all about weight loss.

If you’re looking to score some Shakeology, shoot me an email at [email protected] so I can recommend whether this is a good option for you like it has been for me.

Before you try it though, be sure and watch this video that explains how to make it right. I have many people who have tried their own recipe in the beginning and didn’t like it. Later, I showed them how to make it, and they were amazed by the taste. Use my recipe, then change it to your liking.

Choose between Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry or  Strawberry. By far my favorite is Chocolate, followed by strawberry. Choose the bag for more servings and as always, stay safe out there everyone!


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