Check out this video if you haven’t yet, and you’ll hear a little about how this group will get you to show up for yourself like never before. Then, click any of the JOIN buttons below to start the trial and we will see you in the Squad.

Have you ever felt like you took a lot of action that day, but it doesn’t really feel like you did anything you should have?

If you’ve ever felt like that, you know what I mean. I used to feel that all the time.

What I found, and what you will too, is that I was taking action just not on my core values or the things that mattered most to me.

Most of the time it was me helping others with theirs.

What changed it for me, that allowed me to not only take consistent actions but on the right things?

I found a system like the one you’re about to learn about.

I started to plug into a system that included a team of people who had the SAME VALUES who would get me to show up, PUSH me to grow, and force me to keep getting better every single day.

And that’s what you’ll have too when you join our team… and the ripple effect in other areas of your life is pretty EPIC.

Here’s our values:

  • Making your physical and mental health a priority
  • Focusing on your mindset so you can stay consistent and motivated
  • Continued personal growth and becoming better
  • Having an intentional relationship with your family
  • Maximizing your time

They say we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with which is why finding the right squad and coach is what will PUSH you to grow into the person you want to show up as.

How does it work?

Let me break it down.

First, we follow an online tracker.

It’s a list of activities that you want to make a priority, that’s right in your face to remind you of what’s important, so you can maximize your time and stay on track.

In our Squad you’ll have a set number of activities revolving around personal growth, create an epic connection with your family, utilize time management tactics to control your day, and getting into the best mental and physical shape of your life.

The actual activities will be chosen by you, meaning there is a box that revolves around a certain activity and it’s YOUR choice what you do, we are here to hold you to it.

The tracker will be fully tailored to your personal core values, we will be there to help get you to show up when it gets tough.

How will me and the Squad get you to show up and actually do it?

One word, accountability.

If you don’t show up and check off at least 70% of the boxes on the weekly tracker, you will be removed from the group until your next month starts.

That’s right, you’ll be kicked out of the group, no refunds given, and you’ll need to adjust a few things to prevent it from happening again next month when you get added back in.

It’s called social cost, and when you’re hanging with people who are pushing one another to grow, you’ll be amazed how consistent it makes you.

Most of the people in our group, over 93%, never fall below that line.

And yeah, you’ve probably never seen a group (or had the PUSH) like this before, which is why it’s entirely different than everything you’ve ever tried.

On top of the daily push from the videos I’ll be sharing in the FB group, we will also be having weekly LIVE team calls on Saturday mornings at 730am Pacific (Which is 930am Central and 1030am Eastern).

On those calls you’ll be getting a weekly dose of mindset, motivation, tactics and challenges for the next week to keep you going strong.

After a week of “build up” from being out in the world, you’ll need a dose of our weekly call.

Motivation isn’t a one time thing, it has to come often and that’s what you’ll get on our team.

If you can’t make it live no problem, we will have every call recorded and uploaded for you to watch when you can.



Where do you start?

We’ve got you covered.  I have broken down the basics in a pre-recorded call inside the secret FB group that you’ll get access to once you sign up. I will walk you through selecting the right activities for you, based off of your own personal values and what you find are the most important things to you.

After you click on one of the Subscribe buttons and sign up, you’ll be sent to a link so you can request to get into our private group.

I’m very particular about who gets added especially in this climate, so make sure you reach out if I don’t accept you soon… Especially if you have an incognito name on FB.

In terms of the time it takes to be a part of the group, it’s going to be minimal. I’ve built this around our career and having 17 years on I know the struggles of what we experience.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for those looking for only specific fitness or nutrition advice, even though that will be something we can chat about on the LIVE calls if you’re struggling with it.
This isn’t a place to talk trash to one another, it won’t be that sort of group either.
And this isn’t a place if you’re afraid of failure and growth.

Who is this Squad for?

People who are ready to take action, make mistakes, and have an iron sharpens iron mentality to help push each other to grow.
People who want to focus on:
Physical and mental health
Creating an epic connection with your family
Personal Growth
Mindset + Motivation
Mastering your time

Expectations once you join:

Fill out the daily online tracker to document your progress.

There will be a daily tracker which you will be updating throughout the week, this is the piece that most people fear when they join but later tell me is the best part of the group.

The activities are 6 days a week, and you can take any day off that you’d like or stay consistent through the entire week if you’d prefer.

John Maxwell says your life won’t change, until you change something that you do daily.  That’s why your consistency matters.

There are a total of 11 activities on the tracker, all extremely simple to perform, which makes them simple NOT to perform too…. Which is why we put this group together.

Weekly call out post.

On Monday mornings the numbers on the tracker for the past week will be calculated and anyone who has done less than 70% of their $#!t (meaning they marked off less than 70% of their boxes that week), will be called out on a post on Monday morning.

This is what makes this a PUSH Squad.

If you’re new to the group, until week 2, you won’t be included in the weekly call out post because you need to work up to doing it the entire week, so don’t worry.

It’s not a big deal if you get called out, just means we call you out since you dropped below 70% and need to catch up.  I will tag your name in our private Facebook group, saying you didn’t hit the 70%.

You will have 48 hours to catch up, meaning you can go back and do some of those things that day and then mark them off.

(This is a HONOR system, please don’t mark off anything you haven’t personally done, you’re only doing yourself a disservice)

If you catch up by Wednesday and update the tracker you will remain in the group.  If you don’t, you will be removed from the group until the next month starts.


If things happen (I.E. Emergency), and you know before the end of the week, reach out and we can make arrangements.

Make the LIVE calls each Saturday if possible, and watch the replay ASAP if you can’t make it.

We will have weekly Saturday calls at 730am pacific (830 am mountain, 930 am central,  1030am eastern), where you will get the chance to ask questions after getting a quick mindset based training by me or a guest speaker.

What’s the power of a mastermind?

Most of us struggle with the same things, that’s why we are all here.

When you see someone else being coached through a struggle, it helps out tremendously, you’ll see soon enough.

I know whenever I joined a mastermind this is what I feared the most, but it always turned out that’s actually what I valued and learned from the most.

What’s the investment?

The normal price for the group is $100 a month but for those who navigated to this page I have temporarily reduced that for you as long you take action today.

When you sign up today you’ll be grandfathered in for $50 a month for as long as you’re on the team no matter what the normal price of the Squad changes to, AND even better is you get to try it out for two weeks for $1.

Yes, it’s a freaking dollar, so there is no reason not to try it for two weeks.

If you cancel your recurring payment, you will need to sign back up at whatever cost it has changed to at that specific point.

And just a reminder, if you get kicked out of the group you will be added back in once your next month starts.

That’s a part of the TRUE accountability, which I’m pretty sure you’ve never experienced before and why this group works so well.

If you decide to cancel no worries, you can do so at any point by logging into your PayPal and cancelling the Squad.

(And no, at this time we don’t accept any other forms of payment)



What are people saying about the Squad?



Why did you put something like this together?

I’ve learned a lot by coaching people for the past 8 years both on their mental and physical health, time management, and creating epic connections with their family, as well as helping start and expand their online businesses.

I’ve developed my gift of motivating and inspiring people to take action, and I want you to be able to benefit from that.

What I’ve found is the people who have seen the most success are the people who have worked closer with me in a mastermind team based setting, much like I experience when I participate in masterminds myself…  But I have never opened this up to more than just my personal fitness and nutrition team in the past.

I found the results that people get in this kind of atmosphere are beyond anything I had ever thought possible.

When I look back on my own journey with my health, fitness and personal growth as a LEO, father and husband, I was no different.

Knowing what I need to do, then holding me to do it consistently by getting the PUSH from a team, all while having the ability to be mentored and ask questions when they come up, is what took me to the next level… And is still taking me now.

I still participate in several masterminds, and you probably will too after you see what this squad will do for you.

What do you do next to get started?

Ready to do this?

Good, I’m sure you’re a little nervous, but everything that you enjoy today that means something to you gave you that feeling before you did it too.

Sign up below, you’ve got 2 weeks to go all in and see it in action yourself.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at [email protected].

It’s great to have you in the Squad!