After you’ve watched the video, you probably have a good idea of why the Law of Adaptation may be working against you.

(P.S I recently released a podcast on this topic. Check it out at the bottom of this post if you’d rather listen instead.)

The power is in the knowledge. Now that you know, do something about it. Whether you decide to give a home workout a try by reaching out to me for advice, or just want to use your knowledge at the gym, that’s entirely up to you. Just remember to always keep stepping out of your comfort zone. I didn’t get into the shape that I am in today without changing it up. This is the primary reason I don’t do the same exercise program twice in a row… I’m always moving on to completely different training.

Thanks for reading about the Law Of Adaptation, if you haven’t seen my article about The Home Workout Vs. The Gym Workout, check it out.

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