It’s still going to be tough, because you’re actually going to have to make time to check out the tactics and tips in the videos below AND implement the ideas we have around this, but we can tell you it’s 100% possible IF you make that time.

Who are we?

Marc is a full time Police Officer, father of two small kids (10 & 9), a husband, an online health coach, and someone who helps teach others how to create online coaches business for themselves.

Teresa is a LEO wife, mother, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and fitness business owner.

If we didn’t have our time under control, we wouldn’t be able to do all that, AND still get to spend time together as a family.

We screwed it up for quite some time, until we found the below tactics… And now we’d like to help show you what we found.

The below videos are broken down into short 3 minute or less clips, taken from a recent challenge I ran.

Take them one step at a time, and don’t move on until you’ve got the idea and work done.

And at the end, if you’re NOT a part of our team yet, it’s time to join us.

You can check out the video of how our team works HERE, and sign up to get some help from a team of LEOs and First Responders who are serious about you seeing results.

Until then, work on the videos below, so we can show you how to MAKE the time to actually show up and take care of yourself.

The first two videos have documents you can print out if they help you.

Download/view them at the links below, and then click play on video 1.


PDF 1 –

PDF 2 –


Video 1 – What does Success look like for you?



Video 2 – Where are you at now?



Video 3 – What can you stop doing, what can you outsource, and learning how to say NO.



Video 4 – Multi-tasking versus multiplying your time



Video 5 – Spending too much time in one area




Hope those videos helped, now the hard work.

Taking action, and sticking to them.

And if you’re currently not a member of our First Responder Fitness Family team inside our APP, and you’d like some help with implementing a solid fitness/nutrition program that can fit into your new schedule, check out a free fitness webinar that we have created for you.

If you’re a first responder and would like to connect with Marc, choose THIS LINK.

If you’re a LEO wife and would like to connect with Teresa, choose THIS LINK.

Above all, stay safe.

Marc & Teresa

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