First Responder Podcast 1400

Have you heard? First Responder Fitness has it’s own podcast.  Not too excited yet? What???

Actually I’ve found many First Responders still don’t know exactly what that means. Too much old school going around here!

This podcast is a quick 5-15 minute audio file, that you can download using your mobile phone, so that you can listen to information, tips, tricks, tactics and ways to better your life, all while you’re driving… Or doing the dishes, making dinner, whatever.

To get you started off right, I wanted to give you a run down of the most downloaded episodes to date.  The play button is right below each episode and will work on any type of phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy!

Top 5 Episodes:


Aerobic vs Anaerobic And Why Exercise Type Matters

This episode is my most downloaded episode (go figure) because of the detail I go into, in figuring out which exercise type is best, and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.


Time Mangement Tips

In this episode, I talk about how to juggle it all by finding your priorities, and eliminating everything that you’re currently doing that doesn’t align with them. Easier said than done!



Down and dirty, how to keep motivated so you keep progressing.


Why A First Responder Podcast?

This one started it all.  I explain why a podcast for First Responders, and how it can help us get past the excuses.


How To Get Better Quality Sleep When You Can’t Have Quantity

I read an amazing book, called Sleep Smarter, while working watch 3 (6pm-6am) because I was having a hard time with the sleep. This information helped me sleep far better, feel more rested, and proved to me that I needed to get off this shift ASAP!



And there you have it.  If you have an iPhone and you’d like to subscribe to the future episodes, you can do so by visiting this link HERE.  Or, you can listen to them from my website at any time, at and they are released EVERY Monday.

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 First Responder Fitness Podcasts

  1. Travis

    I would like to hear more, what do you charge per session

  2. Hey Travis, thanks brother. You can listen to all of my podcasts at I do the podcasts and videos for free.

    If you’d like to work more 1 on 1 with me, click here to join one of my free 14 day groups that starts once a month.

    Stay safe brother, and thanks for the kind words

  3. This is great Marc!

    Thank you for putting together this list. Heard you on AskPat today and I love the site. Looking forward to learning more through your work.

  4. Thanks Mark, I appreciate the feedback. When I heard the episode, I was completely surprised. Pat is such an amazing person!

  5. Julie

    The best part is these podcasts are short and to the point. Mobile and available to just listen @anytime, ty Marc. Best of all is u continue to help 4 free awesome sauce. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this Julie. So many people think free means it’s not valuable, thanks for knowing that isn’t the case!!

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