Try some new spices, you may not know what you’ve been missing. It’s amazing just how different the same thing can taste if it’s seasoned slightly differently.

You’d be amazed at how stuck I was on using the same 2 different spices on all the food I would cook. It wasn’t until my eyes were opened by the Ultimate Reset that I figured out food can be drastically different just by changing up a single spice.

I’d like to touch on a few that I’ve come to love, what I use them on, and hopefully get you to try some on your own. Like all things in life, you can’t knock it till you try it!

Here are a list of fresh herbs that I’ve really fallen in love with:

Green Onions (ok, this may not fit here but it really changes the flavor up!)

And here’s a list of a few seasonings that I would have NEVER given a shot if I hadn’t been forced into it.

These are great on all proteins:


And of course a few condiments/oils that I had never used before:

Flaxseed Oil – Salad Dressings
Coconut Oil – Cooking
Sesame Oil – Cooking
Mirin – Japanese Cooking Wine
Braggs Liquid Aminos – Replacement for soy sauce for rice and veggies
Miso – Make sure it contains no MSG


You can pretty much find these at all the health food stores, and most of the normal grocery stores as well now too. Give a few of them a try, and let me know which you like the best.

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