If you’re in need of some advice to find the best workout and nutrition plan, or you’re looking for some extra support from a team of first responders and their families, this is the first step.  During this pre-recorded webinar, Teresa and I will share:

  • How to get started (or restarted) quickly and on the right path
  • How to get through a plateau
  • How to stay motivated and accountable, for the LONG TERM
  • How to do all this, despite our crazy first responder career

At the end of this training, we will give you the ability of getting a free fitness assessment so we can recommend a program that will work best for you.

If you’re a first responder and would like to connect with Marc, choose THIS LINK.

If you’re a LEO wife and would like to connect with Teresa, choose THIS LINK.

Once you join our team with a program, you will be invited to our exclusive fitness app, that we both co-lead together.

We are looking forward to working closely with you, to help you achieve the goals that YOU deserve.

Stay safe out there.

Marc & Teresa