Welcome to First Responder Fitness. I think it’s important to know what I’m about, and why I do this. So here is my personal mission statement.

For current, future and past First Responders that realize their life depends on their physical and financial health.

First Responder Fitness promises to do what it takes to get you home to your family every night by offering expert advice, education, and support from a fellow police officer, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach so you can achieve your health related goals.

You will have the ability to pay it forward by helping out others with this simple to follow system so you can create financial freedom for yourself, and avoid having to work massive overtime, on the weekends and holidays missing important family functions, just to make ends meet.

I understand how difficult our lives are with long hours and lack of time and healthy food choices and I WILL make your physical and financial health my priority.

I’d like you to experience what it’s like to have someone to support you BEFORE you start a complete program. Join my free 7 day fitness, nutrition and support academy starting soon so you can see exactly how true my mission statement is above, Click Here to learn more about it and sign up to join.

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