Let’s spend some time talking about making a change in your life, without causing you to pay a dime. After you’ve watched the video above, I’ve summarized the key points below.

(P.S. If you prefer to listen to this topic via podcast, versus watching the video, check out the podcast episode at the bottom instead.)

It’s not about those big decisions you make every day. It’s all about those small, seemingly insignificant decisions you make that compound over time.

Whether you eat a hamburger, or chicken salad. Whether you drink a soda, or water. That’s where the power is.

You won’t gain 10 pounds by tomorrow if you eat that hamburger or drink that soda. You won’t lose that 10 pounds if you choose the salad and water either. However, over time, your decisions will compound themselves in to who you are. Whether that’s healthy or unhealthy is your choice.

With that in mind, people still want to know exactly what they need to do. Especially if they can’t afford a program or shakeology at the moment. They at least want to start heading in the right direction until they can.

There are three vital pieces of this puzzle. Let’s talk nutrition first.

Let’s take a look at your diet and do some adjusting. I’m not talking major adjustments here, I just want you to make minor adjustments and move a bad habit into the good range. Removing too many bad habits at once or not replacing a habit with a good one will only hurt your progress.

Try and implement 1, maybe 2 of the following habits over the next two weeks. Then come back here, and try and implement 1 or 2 more.

Reduce These

  • Reduce your intake of alcohol
  • Reduce your intake of processed foods (More than a few ingredients on the package, put it back)
  • Reduce your intake of saturated fats (This includes red meat)
  • Reduce your intake of sugars
  • Reduce your intake of soda, coffee, tea
  • Stop eating all trans fat
  • Stop smoking


Increase These

  • Increase your intake of healthy unsaturated (especially omega-3) fats
  • Increase your water consumption (If your thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!)
  • Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables (Strive for 2 servings with each meal, fruit in the AM and veggies for lunch and dinner)
  • Increase your intake of lean meats (Chicken, turkey, you can add in a little lean beef)
  • Increase the number of meals per day while keeping the total calories the same


Now let’s talk about exercise.

Doing some version of exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. Do something to get your heart pumping. If walking does it for you, great. If not, give something more intense a shot like hiking, swimming, bicycling etc. You know that I enjoy home based workouts because they get my heart pumping, allow me to switch it up often so I’m not bored, and make sure my form for the exercises is spot on. No matter what kind of exercise you enjoy, just make sure you change it up every so often, and do things to get you out of your comfort zone.


Lastly let’s talk support.

If you feel like you’re doing this by yourself, that’s never good. Most people give up when they don’t have someone to answer their questions, keep them motivated and feeling like an important part of the team. You probably have heard of the groups that I run on Facebook for first responders and their family + friends.  They all start off for free because I want you to feel what its like to have someone in your corner.

How do you start? Let’s show you what this support is like. I have created a free fitness group for first responders looking for some free help for 7 days.  Click Here To Join.  Enter your name and email and all the instructions will be sent to your inbox.

Remember that you touch the lives of everyone in your house when you focus on your health. You set up your children for success, and your partner is drug along with you. 8)

The progress comes with being consistent! Make the time for yourself, you matter.

Once you are ready for an exclusive support group, be sure and start with the free 7 day group link above and send me a personal message letting me know you’re “All In!”

Thanks for doing what you do, every single day.


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