What can a First Responder do to prepare for our long days at work?

Being a law enforcement officer, I get stuck out in the field all the time on certain incidents during my 12 hour + shifts. I wanted to create a video that you could look back to, for some ideas on how to make it through those times.

If you’re looking for the lunch box I have in my video, it’s called the 6-pack fitness. It’s really changed the way I bring things to work, as nothing ever fit in my old school style lunch boxes or containers. This really simplifies it, and it’s pretty heavy duty. I would suggest getting different cold packs though, one drop on the floor and the ones that come with the pack will break.

Want more ideas? Check out this article to get an idea of what I buy when I go to the food store.

If you’d like to get a few additional ideas in the form of a podcast, check out the Meal Preparation FAQ Podcast below.


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