Did I get your attention? Do you want to know what the best meal or nutrition plan is?

I’m sure you do, don’t we all? If it were only that easy.

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Many of you have probably found out the hard way.  You were trying to lose weight, and resorted to one of those lemon juice and syrup diets. Maybe you’ve even had someone write you a meal plan where you get to eat the same low calories things every single day.

If you’ve done this, you probably saw some pretty great results at first. Only to fall backwards once this unsustainable “diet” ended, putting you in a worse spot than when you started.

So with all these diets out there… Paleo, low carb, low fat, no grains, no dairy, vegan, Raw vegan, etc, what is the best one for YOU?

It’s the one that’s most sustainable for YOU. It’s something that you can do for the long term, and not just something you’re doing just to lose those 20 pounds.  Yes, there are some ground rules that you should follow, but as long as you’re eating healthy portioned whole foods it doesn’t really matter what  diet you choose.

That’s why you will hear me discuss various recipes that I eat, but I will never offer an exact meal plan. Just take a look at some of my recipes and if you enjoy them, add them to your meals.

Doing anything part time, whether it’s drastically reducing calories, eliminating certain foods/drinks or being inconsistent with your nutrient intake or Shakeology won’t help you in the long term. Anyone that tries to get you to do something like that, or has a new “Fad Diet” for you to try, don’t do it.

There’s never a quick fix, it takes some lifestyle changes.

Now, I talked about some general guidelines, what are those?

Let me summarize some of the things you should begin to focus on. It’s usually a good idea not to try and focus on all of these at once, get each one under your control and move on. All of them at once is probably too overwhelming, I know it was for me.

Here’s a quick list:

Add whole quality natural foods to your diet, and eliminate all the artificial crap.

Focus on your portion size.

Add in more water to your diet, and get rid of as much of the other liquids as possible.

Take whatever supplements your body specifically needs (Multivitamin, fish oil etc). This is really dependent on what your diet lacks.

And of course, not related to diet:

Get at least 7-8 hours a night of sleep.

Get in at least 5 days of moderate to vigorous exercise a week. I strive for 6.

I wish I had an easier answer, but honestly, this is the REAL diet that will work for you long term. No more yo-yo’ing around.

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